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Boost Your Punching Power With These 8 Exercises

Want more power on those punches? Here are 8 different types of exercises you can do at the gym, or at home to help boost your punching power.

1) Diamond Push Ups

These hurt! No doubt about it, this is one of the more challenging forms. Designed to place resistance against the triceps. You'll feel them working right away!

2) Narrow Elbow Push Ups

Works biceps, and front shoulders.

3) Wide Push Ups

Works your chest and front shoulders. Triceps assisting the movement.

4) Shoulder Throws

Excellent for increasing shoulder strength, and explosiveness. Try to use your legs as little as you can to place more strain on the shoulders.

5) Medicine Ball Throws

Do you best to mimic "the cross" punch in Boxing. The closer your movement is to the punch, the better!

6) Chest Passes

Try to do these in high repetitions, with minimal downtime. The more explosive you can push outwards the more effective the exercise is.

7) Push Up Claps

These should be a staple in your punching power workout. These are definitely tough, but that's what makes them so effective! Try to do these no more than 3 days a week to prevent wear and tear on your wrists.

8) One Arm Push Ups

Rocky made these look easy! Extremely tough, but equally effective for conditioning not only your arms but your core.

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