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Muay Thai and Kickboxing

The Art of 8 Weapons

Muay Thai kickboxing is often called  "the art of 8 weapons" in which both hands, feet, knees and elbows are used to strike an opponent or an attacker. It is the most practical form of self-defense and was originally taught to the military servicemen in Thailand for hand to hand combat situations. Since then, it has grown into Thailand's national past-time. The art of Muay Thai is gaining popularity as a sport in America.


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Popular Questions: 

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"What Are Classes Like?"



Our hour long heart-pumping Kickboxing classes are a combination of learning new techniques within the sport, skill drills, and conditioning. Although not everyone wants to compete, most people want to look and feel as strong as a competitive Kickboxer. Triumph's Kickboxing program will help you get back in shape, while learning a new skill!  Our classes include the following elements:


  • Jumping rope and warming up

  • Technical drills 

  • Mitt-work drills

  • Heavy bag drills

  • Self-defense training

  • Conditioning and stretching

  • Sparring

"What are the benefits of Kickboxing?​"


Kickboxing Classes are a combination of Boxing, Muay Thai and Karate techniques.  The blend of disciplines gives a practical approach for self-defense and an effective method for competition.

Muay Thai and Kickboxing both involve extensive use of both arms and legs. This makes these sports exceptional at getting your heart pumping, and losing weight. These sports also are extremely well suited to help boost your heart health, and cardiovascular system. Both of which are directly linked to living a healthy life!

Muay Thai has a lot of practical self- defense techniques that are used all over the world. Since the sport uses no equipment and utilizes every part of your body, this gives it some very practical applications to self defense situations in every day life. 

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"What if I have no idea what I'm doing?"

Don't worry! You're in good company! Most of our members walk into our gym with little to no Boxing experience. We take considerable time to make sure that everyone feels welcome and safe in our gym. When you first come in, we will be sure to teach you the basics, and introduce you to how we run classes so that you are familiar with it before you jump in. 

We are also very team based, and open to newcomers. This means that whoever you are working out next to will help you out if you look like you're struggling with a technique. Struggling with the techniques we teach you are part of the program believe it or not.  We know that all the learning is worth it once it all starts clicking and making sense to you. There is a genuine sense of accomplishment when you hit each major milestone in the learning process. 

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"I've taken Kickboxing classes, how is Muay Thai different?"

The newly popular trend in fitness is using Kickboxing as a substitute for the treadmill. Locally, gyms typically strip all of the technique/ sports oriented activity, and replace it with exercises specifically designed for weight loss. 

People usually come to our gym looking for more. They loved the fitness Kickboxing programs at other gyms, and they are ready to actually learn the art form. In our gym we first and foremost teach the strategy and technique of the sport, which while learning, our members get in tremendous shape. Its the engagement of mental activity that encourages people to keep coming back to our classes consistently enough to see the results of their hard work. 

Muay Thai differs from Kickboxing in that it teaches people how to use grappling, elbows, and knees as well as punches and kicks. This change may sound small, but it changes the strategy of the sport fundamentally, which opens up an entirely new door to learning and knowledge. 

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