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6 Olympic Rings Exercises For Beginners

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Want to push your conditioning to the limits? You should try these exercises. I say "Beginner" only to mean people who haven't spent much time on the rings. These are not easy, but they are simple in comparison to other Olympic style workouts.

1) Back Rows

An extremely important exercise for anyone who wants to increase their punching power and core stability

2) Push Ups

These are tough because the rings take away the stable base of support on normal push-ups. This is a great way to change up the routine for your arms!

3) Up and Over's

Great exercise not only for your core, but also works on endurance for your arms and shoulders.

4) Pull Ups

These really work your biceps and lats. Perfect for adding some strength to your punches.

5) Leg Raises

This is a simpler variation of the Up and Over's, still an awesome core strengthening exercise.

6) Dips

Good ol-fashioned dips. Tough as nails, but equally good for you.

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