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Frequently Asked Questions:

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The soul mission of our MMA program is the help the individual realize his or her potential and become a stronger, fitter and more confident person.

Our coaching staff is a team of experienced fighters with years of coaching experience and a track record of creating champions.  Triumph is a positive environment that custom tailors classes for people of all levels. Whether you are brand new to the sport of MMA or competitive fighter, Triumph is the right gym for you. 

All classes focus on fundamentals but will also include:

  • Warm-up and proper stretching routines

  • MMA fundamentals and basics

  • Coaching for competition

  • Practicing grappling and striking

  • Practicing Knees And  Elbows

  • Stance and Footwork

  • Strength and conditioning

What Are Classes Like?​

Our MMA program at TRIUMPH is designed to give you the workout of your life. The one hour class incorporates many different styles and techniques which gives a prominent way to train.

​A typical MMA class includes:

  • 5 minutes of warming up and stretching

  • Learning New Techniques

  • Practicing/Building On Grappling Techniques

  • Working On Striking Techniques

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Why Should I Learn MMA?

When a new member walks into our gym they almost always say it has something to do with "being bored" of their current workout program. Apparently, there is only so much running on the treadmill and elliptical time that a person can handle. 

What we offer is different. We give people a chance to LEARN something new. All of our workouts are anything but boring, because we require our members to learn new techniques and engage their minds to develop a new skill. 

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When you activate your brain during a workout you:

  • Burn more calories. Fun fact!

  • Enjoy the workouts more, which helps with consistency.

  • Gives you something to work towards.

  • Makes goals more personal to you, rather than a tracking sheet.

  • Gives you a sense of progression with the new skills you learn.

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What Makes MMA Unique? 

MMA is a simple sport that takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master. It can be as simple, or as complex as you want to make it. That's what makes it special. MMA becomes exactly what you want it to be. Just want to come in to get a great exercise? Great! Want to develop professional-level skills and perfect technique? Also great! MMA is extremely versatile in what it can offer to those who practice it.

When you decide to choose MMA as a sport, you are also walking into the most intense cardio training that is offered across all sports. From your feet to your forehead there is no part of your body that isn't used in each session. MMA requires you to be well balanced, coordinated, as well as quick and strong. Each one of those attributes takes a long time to acquire, but is worthy of your time and attention. 

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MMA is special because it is:

  • A total body workout.

  • High intensity cardio, over long duration.

  • Excellent for healthy weight loss.

  • Perfect for working on becoming more coordinated and balanced.


Who Are The Coaches?

Devon Knight:

8+ Years of Striking and Competition Experience

Golden Gloves Finalist

Michael Venezia:

20+ Years of Wrestling Competition

5+ Years Of Wrestling Coaching

4x ISWA State Champion

Wrestled for Wabash College 2012-2016

#19 All Time Wins For Wabash College

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