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About Triumph

Our mission at TRIUMPH is to elevate the individual so he or she can overcome obstacles, be committed to discipline and achieve  greater things than before they joined our team. We offer professional level Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Jiu Jitsu Training for everyone. Whether you are new to the sport, or a seasoned vet, we have the training for you. Quite simply, we will help you TRIUMPH in life!


Locally owned and operated, were only 10 mins away from Carmel and 15 mins away from Fishers. 

Sean Eichenberg
Dubois Johnson
Taylor Deer

Master Sean is a 6th degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do. He has competed in Martial Arts tournaments across the world and has a deep respect for his chosen field. Sean has well over 15 years of experience in coaching Kickboxing and Martial arts in the Carmel, Fishers, and Indianapolis area. No challenge is too great for this man! Fun Fact: Did you know Sean was the start in the hit film Bound By Blood? 

Coach Dubois is a Boxing genius. He is a former Golden Gloves Champion, and has many years of competitive Boxing experience. He is a certified student of the sport, from technique to historic matches, he is undeniably an expert in his craft. Dubois has exceptional mentorship and training skills and a deep love for the sport of Boxing.

Coach Taylor is the head of our Strength and Conditioning program. A former Boxing competitor himself, Taylor has trained with some of the best athletes across Indiana. He designs all his methods around maximizing the attributes that are necessary to be competitive across all Boxing, Kickboxing, and Martial arts. All of his classes are engaging, fun, and most importantly, extremely effective. 

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