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Team Building Retreats

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Dynamic, Engaging, and Fun!

Kick start your retreat with world class, expert level coaches and a curriculum that gets participants active and engaged mentally and physically! 


Self Defense Seminars

Learn how to effectively prevent, avoid, or diffuse potentially threatening situations. With techniques focused on practical application that anyone can employ, this is a perfect way to get all of the members on your staff updated on the latest self defense techniques taught around the world. 


Leadership Retreats

Whether its the newest on your staff, or C-Level members, we customize leadership programming to improve, and encourage ethical decision making, leading by example, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance in a chaotic world. 



Every team needs a competitive advantage. Let our Boxing Strength and Conditioning Program prepare your team to perform at its best for the upcoming season. We work with teams from all over Indiana who want to boost their stamina, endurance, and strength. 

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