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Youth Boxing

Boxing Classes For Kids


We would love to learn more about your goals!

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Fun and Safe


We provide tailor-made training that fits your exact needs. Want to learn more technique? Want a new strength and conditioning routine? Want both? ​

We can create a program just for your child, to make them feel engaged and excited to exercise!

Our coaches provide engaging, exciting, and effective training for beginners and professionals alike. We have coaches with expertise in Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Athletic Strength and Conditioning. As with all of our classes, we promise to teach the sports as they were meant to be taught, with strong fundamentals and a dedication to proper technique.

Expert Coaches


Experience In Their Disciplines

Each one of our coaches have competitive experience in each of their disciplines. They know their sports not only in relation to the health benefits and how to achieve physical results, but they also have an intimate understanding of fundamental and advanced technique. We promise to always give you the best blend of conditioning and technical understanding.


Our staff exclusively consists of coaches with integrity. We will always work to create a safe, fun, learners environment in each one of our classes. We pride ourselves on creating a culture that encourages everyone to do the best that they can. We do not allow people to stay members if they have rude, or intimidating behavior. 

Teachers At Heart

Our team is committed to working with people at all levels of athletic ability and knowledge. We will always tailor the curriculum to you, and will meet you where you are at. That being said, we will also keep pushing you to do your best!  

Why Boxing?


Boost Stamina

Boxing is the ultimate high cardio exercise system. Each movement in boxing requires multiple major muscle groups to engage in high repetition intervals which get the heart pumping!

Build Strength

Every punch in boxing requires rapid movements and leveraging your body's natural mechanics. This requires rapid engagement of major muscle groups in your body. Each time you hit the heavy bag, it offers resistance that increases muscular strength and performance! 


Leadership and Discipline

In every class, we end with a leadership lesson that is meant to inspire change and growth. Boxing is a tough sport that demands physical and mental strength.  With the right mentorship and guidance, they are both things that can be built and maintained throughout someone's life. 

Ready to take the first step?

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Welcome to Triumph Boxing and Martial Arts! We can't wait for you to stop in and try a class.

Here at Triumph, we deliver professional level training to beginners, competitors, and everyone in between.


We believe in the power and influence of team-based fitness classes and we believe in the results we see everyday in our members. Whether your goals are to get in shape, boost stamina, gain strength, improve your balance and coordination, or to compete, we have the perfect environment for you. 

Our Muay Thai Classes are taught by world class coaches, who are experts in the sport. We make every class fun, engaging, and challenging both physically and mentally. Combat sports are a perfect way to shake up your workout routine. 

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