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How To Make Running Not Suck

I'm here to say it, running sucks. At least I hate it, and based on how many people ask me "is there anything I can do BESIDES running?" you guys feel the same way. Therefore, I've compiled a list of three things to (help) make running not suck.


Music has been proven to allow our brains to escape from reality, and lock into "the zone" where we are distracted from the pain that is running. More importantly, when we run, we want to find a rhythm that we fall into a stride.

This helps your body use its energy efficiently and helps you get tired less (or at least be distracted from being tired). Music is also its own form of motivation. Listening to music that pumps us up, tricks our brain into digging into that elusive reserve energy that we all have.

Finding the right music helps you become a Rocky montage, or Ali preparing for Frazer, or any other lens that inspires you to accept the pain and not quit.  


Running FOR something is always better than running for nothing. Working your mindset, and framing running as a necessary evil that is going to make you a better Boxer will always help nudge you towards those running shoes when you don't feel like it.

Without this framing running quickly becomes "there's no point" or "not worth it" which is a highly effective and demotivating set of thoughts that will prevent you from putting in the necessary work. Another framing exercise is to picture your opponent "or just someone you want to beat" strapping on their shoes and going for a run.

That type of negative reinforcement may just be the mental push that it takes to get you back on the road when you need it. 


After you are done, reward yourself! Obviously not with something that is counter productive, like a sugary energy drink, or a cigarette, but with something that will encourage you to do the same thing tomorrow. 

Framing running around appreciation is helpful. Something as simple as taking a few deep breaths and appreciating your dedication and commitment before and after a run is extremely helpful.

Having a big healthy, nutritionally dense meal is also an excellent reward (as long as you're not trying to cut weight". Recognizing and taking time to appreciate "I can eat "this" because I ran today" is also a helpful way to reinforce running as a habit.

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