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Boxing Lessons


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About Our Boxing Lessons Program


Working 1 on 1 with our coaches allows you to help target exactly what type of training you are looking for. Our coaches will work with you to customize a training plan that exceeds your expectations. Want to focus on a move you learned in class? Want to improve your footwork? Really want to do push ups for an hour straight? Sure! All of our coaches are prepared to help offer you the exact type of training you are interested in. 

Our coaching staff is a team of experienced fighters with years of coaching experience and a track record of creating champions.  TRIUMPH is a positive environment that custom tailors classes for people of all levels. Whether you are brand new to the sport of boxing or competitive fighter, TRIUMPH is the right gym for you. 


Our Coaching Promise

Experience In Their Disciplines

Each one of our coaches have competitive experience in each of their disciplines. They know their sports not only in relation to the health benefits and how to achieve physical results, but they also have an intimate understanding of fundamental and advanced technique. We promise to always give you the best blend of conditioning and technical understanding.


Our staff exclusively consists of coaches with integrity. We will always work to create a safe, fun, learners environment in each one of our classes. We pride ourselves on creating a culture that encourages everyone to do the best that they can. We do not allow people to stay members if they have rude, or intimidating behavior. 

Teachers At Heart

Our team is committed to working with people at all levels of athletic ability and knowledge. We will always tailor the curriculum to you, and will meet you where you are at. That being said, we will also keep pushing you to do your best!  

Your Boxing Experts

Dubois Johnson
Devon Knight
Taylor Deer
David McGordon

Coach Devon has competitive experience in the ring, and uses his knowledge to bring his clients top level training, even if you're just starting out. He has a tremendous passion for the disciplines that he studies, and is always looking for new exercises and drills to push his clients.

With the right amount of mental and physical engagement, his personal training sessions fly by, and with every class, you will get closer to your goals! 

Coach David has lived the Boxing lifestyle his whole career. With over 30 amateur fights, and multiple professional matches, David has an intimate knowledge of how to become a better Boxer.  David has a passion for coaching, and has decided to invest his time back into helping  people learn and grow via his knowledge of the sport and the lifestyle connected to it.

Coach Dubois is a Boxing genius. He is a former Golden Gloves Champion, and has many years of competitive Boxing experience. He is a certified student of the sport, from technique to historic matches, he is undeniably an expert in his craft. Dubois has exceptional mentorship and training skills and a deep love for the sport of Boxing.

Coach Taylor is the head of our Strength and Conditioning program. A former Boxing competitor himself, Taylor has trained with some of the best athletes across Indiana. He designs all his methods around maximizing the attributes that are necessary to be competitive across all Boxing, Kickboxing, and Martial arts. All of his classes are engaging, fun, and most importantly, extremely effective. 

Schedule your first session today!

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