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Boost Strength And Build Lean Muscle Mass


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Explosive Strength


Every punch in boxing requires rapid movements and leveraging your body's natural mechanics. This requires rapid engagement of major muscle groups in your body. Each time you hit the heavy bag, it offers resistance that increases muscular strength and performance!

From our Personal Training, to our daily group classes, we utilize both calisthenics and plyometrics to maximize performance and train our major muscle groups to perform rapid movements with resistance. Each exercise is designed to target different muscles at varying intensities and movements. 



Plyometrics are body weight exercises that focus on rapid acceleration of certain muscle groups. They are an extremely effective type of movement,which requires the recruitment of muscles at maximum force in short intervals. Plyometrics are designed to increase power which is defined as a persons ability to apply speed and strength. 


Push ups are for everyone!.jpg

Calisthenics are exercises that are designed to promote muscular endurance due to their high repetition, low resistance nature in routines. They offer a wide variety of movements that work virtually every part of the body using the body's natural mechanics, and weight.

Whether its pushing, pulling, bending, jumping, or swinging your own body weight. Calithenics will increase lean muscle and promote functional strength in all major muscle groups. 

Boxing Strength Training


Boxing is the most intense training you can put yourself through. That is because Boxing is not a singular function sport. You need to not only build your strength, but also endurance, coordination, balance, and flexibility. One without the others creates a one sided Boxer, which as everyone knows, will leave you at a disadvantage both inside the ring and outside. 

The other part of Boxing that is perfect for Strength training is the fact that all of your efforts have a purpose within the sport. This makes every movement, and every exercise practical, rather than conceptual. When you feel like every exercise has meaning, and purpose, people tend to adhear to the program longer which gives them benefits both inside and out of the gym.

What Other Benefits Does Boxing Have?


Boost Your Stamina

Boxing is the ultimate high cardio exercise system. Each movement in boxing requires multiple major muscle groups to engage in high repetition intervals which get the heart pumping!

Explosive Strength

Every punch in boxing requires rapid movements and leveraging your body's natural mechanics. This requires rapid engagement of major muscle groups in your body. Each time you hit the heavy bag, it offers resistance that increases muscular strength and performance! 


Shred Weight Fast

Boxing is all about high intensity intervals which strengthen your cardio vascular system. Boxing also helps boost your metabolism, which leads to burning fat, and calories. So, if you want to burn fat fast, Boxing is the perfect sport for you. 

Our Personal Trainers

Master Sean is a 6th degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do. He has competed in Martial Arts tournaments across the world and has a deep respect for his chosen field. Sean has well over 15 years of experience in coaching Kickboxing and Martial arts in the Carmel, Fishers, and Indianapolis area. No challenge is too great for this man! Fun Fact: Did you know Sean was the start in the hit film Bound By Blood? 

Coach Dubois is a Boxing genius. He is a former Golden Gloves Champion, and has many years of competitive Boxing experience. He is a certified student of the sport, from technique to historic matches, he is undeniably an expert in his craft. Dubois has exceptional mentorship and training skills and a deep love for the sport of Boxing.

Coach Taylor is the head of our Strength and Conditioning program. A former Boxing competitor himself, Taylor has trained with some of the best athletes across Indiana. He designs all his methods around maximizing the attributes that are necessary to be competitive across all Boxing, Kickboxing, and Martial arts. All of his classes are engaging, fun, and most importantly, extremely effective. 

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Welcome to Triumph Boxing and Martial Arts! We can't wait for you to stop in and try a class.

Here at Triumph, we deliver professional level training to beginners, competitors, and everyone in between.


We believe in the power and influence of team-based fitness classes and we believe in the results we see everyday in our members. Whether your goals are to get in shape, boost stamina, gain strength, improve your balance and coordination, or to compete, we have the perfect environment for you. 

Our Muay Thai Classes are taught by world class coaches, who are experts in the sport. We make every class fun, engaging, and challenging both physically and mentally. Combat sports are a perfect way to shake up your workout routine. 

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