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Which Boxing gloves should you buy?

This is a question that we get all the time. If you are new to the sport, and are completely lost as to which Boxing gloves are the right choice for you to get started, we've got you covered. We are going to give you a good starting criteria that is going to help you make your choice on your first beloved pair of gloves.

Start Simple

If you are new to the sport, and just stepped into your first class, loved it, and want to give this crazy Boxing thing a try. My suggestion is to start simple and cost effective until we really get you hooked on the sport. No need to go out and spend $200 on a really fancy pair of gloves when you're still feeling out whether this is the right sport for you.

Every Boxer knows one guy who bought expensive gloves, and got his name embroidered on the strap because he had a great first day at the gym....only to never show up again. Now those gloves only serve as a painful reminder of his lack of commitment.

Don't be that guy! Start Simple.

You can buy great starter Boxing gloves at most major sports equipment stores. They are typically Everlast, which is a brand that has been around forever and usually pretty reliable. At $30-40 bucks this is a really safe bet. You really shouldn't spend more than that for your first pair of gloves.

When you make it to the store, and you're looking at all the different shapes, sizes, and colors, it might be a bit over whelming but don't panic were going to break it down in the next section.

Weight Matters

Shape and color of the gloves is largely a matter of preference. At the beginning level, you really wont notice a tremendous difference in the shape or padding in the gloves offered at your average sporting goods store.

What does matter however, is the weight. Basic Gloves at the store typically come in multiple sizes ranging from 12oz to 16oz. To us, there is a right answer in this department.

We always suggest 16oz gloves.

Why? Firstly, because amateur Boxing gloves supplied by USA boxing at tournaments are 10oz. They are a bit heavier, as you get into heavyweight and above, but for the vast majority of competitors the gloves will be 10oz. This means that if we train and condition our bodies to become used to the heavier load of 16oz, by the time we get to competition, 10oz will seem very light, which is always a little confidence booster for a new amateur boxer.

But, for the majority of people who just want to workout, 16oz is still the right pick. This is because it allows you to safely participate in all of the activities in a typical Boxing training session, such as heavy bag, partner defense drills, and sparring, without having to switch in between. That size will give you great protection no matter which brand you choose, and will help add extra strength training to your routine as apposed to the lighter gloves.

Consider the strap

One consideration to take into account when picking out your first pair of gloves, is the quality of the strap around the wrist. When you're looking at the gloves in the store, you might notice that some pairs of gloves have a longer strap that wraps around the wrist of the glove. This is preferable, but probably more expensive. The extra length in the strap offers more wrist support, and they typically last longer because it fastens stronger to the glove. Whereas the gloves with short straps typically tear (after daily heavy use) due to the design. You can see an example below:

Well, we hope that was a helpful way to get your started on your Boxing journey! Check back in with us to learn more about advanced considerations when choosing a long term pair of gloves!

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