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Ricky Shelton

Professional Martial Arts Coach

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Authentic Martial Arts Training


Ricky provides engaging, exciting, and effective training for beginners and professionals alike. He specializes in Tang Soo Do, Muay Thai, and Jiu Jitsu. Ricky is also a certified sports nutritionist, and strength/conditioning coach. He holds a 2nd degree black belt in TSD, and is trained in a variety of weapons fighting styles. Ricky draws from both his years of training and amateur competition background to create intensely fun workouts for his clients. 


Whether you want to focus on technique, improve conditioning, or whether you want to increase speed and stamina through strength and conditioning drills. Ricky has the creativity and experience to give you the perfect workout you are looking for.

Your Personal Expert


Our Coaching Promise

Experience In Their Disciplines

Each one of our coaches have competitive experience in each of their disciplines. They know their sports not only in relation to the health benefits and how to achieve physical results, but they also have an intimate understanding of fundamental and advanced technique. We promise to always give you the best blend of conditioning and technical understanding.


Our staff exclusively consists of coaches with integrity. We will always work to create a safe, fun, learners environment in each one of our classes. We pride ourselves on creating a culture that encourages everyone to do the best that they can. We do not allow people to stay members if they have rude, or intimidating behavior. 

Teachers At Heart

Our team is committed to working with people at all levels of athletic ability and knowledge. We will always tailor the curriculum to you, and will meet you where you are at. That being said, we will also keep pushing you to do your best!  

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